Thursday, April 3, 2008

A "Typical" Day in the Life

Michele has a new forum and on we were discussing the following question,
"What does your typical day of learning look like? Help me learn from you."
Well, I don't think anyone could ever learn anything from us, but I thought that I would join in the fun and give it a try.
Here is a "typical" school day around here.

This is not the typical time that I usually get up, but Pat was home this morning so I indulged myself and slept in past that usual 7:15.

It also was easy to sleep in because this little warm body was still sleeping in her cozy spot in the middle of our bed.

8:15- I got up and woke up Kimberly. By this time 3 big kids had left for school and 2 bigger kids had left for work. I dressed, changed, and fed Kimberly while 3 little kids watched Zoboomafoo on tv.

8:45- check the computer

9:00- get Luke dressed (the other kids are changed and ready for the day)

9:05- I work with Mark on his CCD homework-he has class this afternoon. We do some studying in his Catechism for his First Communion. We read a chapter in the book- King of the Golden City (Grace is included in this)

One of Luke's favorite things to do during the day is to play with his trains.

Kimberly enjoys these little Lauri puzzles. Basically, the two youngest kids hang out and do whatever they are directed to do for a very short amount of time. Usually, they are hang out and spent time with us.
9:45-Mark and Grace watched the end of the movie The Miracle Worker. We have read about Helen Keller and I hope to find some braille books to show the kids. They were rivited to this movie. At this time, I got dressed and did the second load of laundry of the day-Daddy had gotten it started in the morning. Daddy also left for a day long meeting.
10:20- Mark and Grace get started on their math workbooks at the dining room table.
10:33- all progress stops in math when there is a knock on the door and the UPS man dropped off this

This is what it looks like when we are doing math. We do tend to have "help" with whatever schoolwork we are doing.

10:55- math is finished and we open are package and are very happy to find a set of handbells

At this time everyone has music time. Mom starts to question the sanity of purchasing a set of handbells.

11:15-Mark and Grace play this math game

11:30-lunch, it is early today because I didn't give out any snacks in the excitement of the bells

12:00 read aloud-everyone-even the smallest are beginning to sit for awhile when I am reading
today's book: Night Running; In This Night; Raising Dragons These were all very good books today-sometimes they don't all go over real well- but these three were winners.

12:30 clean-up and start getting ready to leave the house for religon class I had better hurry, there is only a little more than an hour to get ready-and it will take every minute of that to make it out the door on time.

1:45 We leave the house to pick-up 2 kids at school. Matt is riding the bus home, I see him at school and give him a few chores I would like him to do before we get home.
We get Mark to class on time.

While Mark is at class, we take a walk across the street from the church in the village cemetary. We look for signs of spring and are not disappointed when we find this pretty little flowers.
Luke is very happy to be out of the house. It is 55 degrees today and the sun was shining. Yesterday the high was about 30 degrees, so this was a real treat.

We spotted these pretty flowers. I didn't take a picture, but there was still snow in the shadowy areas of the cemetary.

3:00 Daddy surprises us and shows up for the end of our walk.

3:05 Mark class is over and we drive around looking for wildlife.

4:00 We get home. Becky is home from work and she will make dinner for the twelve of us while I post this. (She is a wonderful girl) Becky,Danny,Matt,and Laura are going to a musical at the local high school at 6:00

4:15 Pat Jr. gets home from work--

I will probably do some more read alouds with the younger kids tonight-and then we love to go to bed early- at least momma does.

I also notice that we didn't do any writing today, but that is something we usually do- but of course, there can never be a "typical" day, can there?


Amy said...

Thank you Joann! A great look into your day. :)

We have those handbells too. Your sanity comment made me LOL! I have thought the same.

Lisa said...

Joann, Thank you for posting this. I just love peeking in at your family.

Anonymous said...

you just have the most beautiful family! I'm from Syracuse, so were're having the same whether hear. My kids enjoyed getting out yesterday too.

Lisa said...

Loved this peek in your window, Joann! You're right, there's no typical day really, is there? But yours looked full of love and learning ~ and I bet that's typical! &:o)

Donna Marie from NJ said...

Thank you for inviting us over to share in your day Joann! I have the same handbells...the same smiley faces and the same headache...LOL!

God bless you and your beautiful family!