Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Amy's Homecoming

Amy arrived safely home last night at about 9:15. She was a little tired and had sunburn here and there where the sunscreen missed, but other than that she was in as good a shape as when she left.I let the little kids stay up past their bedtime for her special arrive, and they weren't disappointed. After hugging and yelling and general chaos, she presented gifts for one and all!
I knew that the kids missed her (they had been marking days off the calendar until her arrival home) but it was Luke-3- that surprised me the most.
The first thing he told her was, "Amy, I thought we lost you?" He then commenced to show her his sneakers (which he had before she left) and then he gave her a tour of the living room. Now, he never appeared upset when she was gone, he would say "Amy's gone" once in awhile, but I have to wonder what was in his mind about "where" Amy had gone.
All I know is that we are glad Amy is home again, and we all love her very much!

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Anonymous said...

it's neat to see those that we miss again-especially thru the eyes of little ones. Kim