Monday, April 28, 2008

Space lapbook and study part 2

We learned about life in space today, specifically, how astronauts eat and drink in space. Following our lesson, we felt the need to try our own "space eating".

We made vanilla pudding and then very carefully, ate it through a little hole in a ziploc bag. At first it was a quite tricky, but then Grace and Mark got the hang of it.
We also added two new elements to our space lapbook.
I found this flower fold element at Homeschool Helper Online. I will use this template for other lapbooks. It is very cute.
Inside the folds the we wrote down what we wouldn't want to be without if we had to spend some time in space. I like the fact that Mark wouldn't want to leave behind a Wii. The only trouble with this is, is that we don't even have one!
Gracie's first choice, of course, is her green blankie.

We have also been enjoying many books of fiction about space. I made a little booklet to add to our lapbook. Inside, I printed pictures of the covers of the books we have read to be a reminder of the fun books we have discovered.

Stayed tuned for more exciting space fun planned for this week!!

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