Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nature in the backyard

A great big, dead old maple tree sits out in the empty field behind our house. I thought that I would sit watching the kids play and also keep an eye on any birds that might be living in this wonderful tree.
First, I spotted this tell-tale hole, way up in one of the many branches of this tree.
Then, I was pleased to spy this little female downy woodpecker looking for an evening meal of bugs. We will certainly keep an eye on the hole to see if there will be any babies peeking out of it soon.
Way up in the top of the same tree, in the evening sun, I caught a quick glimpse of an Eastern Bluebird.
We don't see these here very often, but on occasion, one will pass through.

It was a very busy birding evening, especially for the fact that a pair of White Throated Sparrows
were at the feeders. I have never had these at the feeders before, maybe they are nesting nearby.

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Angel said...

Beautiful bluebird! Katydid said she heard one the other day, but I still haven't seen any.