Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

We started Saint Patrick's Day with our favorite book- Patrick:Patron Saint of Ireland- by Tomie dePaola. It just wouldn't be a Saint Patrick's Day if we didn't read this.
A few days ago we started on some crafts for the day. We made three hearts and formed them into a shamrock, and just as the legend goes, we discussed the Blessed Trinity, and wrote The Father-The Son-and The Holy Spirit on each leaf of the of the shamrock.

We arranged our shamrocks around a old Irish Blessing that I had printed. I found a lovely coloring picture of Saint Patrick here.
We watched our favorite video-many, many times, thanks to our friend Anne. I searched around and found our "shamrock name mobiles"-uh-oh- I need to make one for Kim and then I can put up the whole family.
Becky made some yummy greeen sugar cookies last night- and hopefully- there will be enough for tonight after a dinner of cornbeef and cabbage!


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Renee said...

Wow Joanne! What fun you all had with St. Patrick. Lovely family, blessed mommy. Thanks for visiting my blog, let's visit with one another again. God Bless you and yours. :-)