Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catholic Daughters-Award Winner

This year's theme of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas education contest was "Jesus: the light of the world".
We were very pleased to learn that Amy took two second places in this year's contest.

She won second place in the art category.

She also took home second place in the poetry category. Her poem is entitled:

The Light

I learned today in religion class that Jesus is the Light.
At first this made me happy, but then gave me a fright.
"If Jesus is so bright," I thought, "Will I be able to see,
When we meet face to face. Jesus Christ and me."
The only thing I've thought of. The brilliant plan of mine
Is to wear sunglasses to Heaven. To not be blinded by the shine.


Aunt Jean said...

Amy, i am so proud of you. Great job. I loved your poem.

Laura said...

That poem is absolutely precious. I think it should be made into a poster. I would hang it in my classroom- absolutely.