Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Lovely Easter

I spent 4 hours in church this morning and both masses turned out lovely. I played the organ at the 9am mass and the choir sang and I played for the 11am mass-another nerve racking Holy Week is over.
After returning from church, we got everyone ready and headed to Grandma C's house for a delicious Easter dinner. We had lots of good food and lots of great company, many aunts, uncles, and cousins.
The Easter bunny had made a visit to Grandma's house and all the kids enjoyed a bunny full of candy.

Luke looks a little suspicious. I think I told him to stop eating "stuff".

Becky made a cake so that we could celebrate Matt's birthday with everyone.

"Get ready! Make a wish!

On the way home we saw a whole flock of Hooded Mergansers in Leeland's pond near Hamilton. It is amazing, I had never seen this type of duck until a week ago, and now I have seen a flock of them.

It certainly was a yummy, yummy day!

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Lisa said...

Happy, Blessed Easter, you guys!