Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tonight's read alouds

I wanted to share some good read alouds that we shared tonight. Of course, winter is a very sutiable subject for these cold snowy days, and these books added to our winter joy.

Winter Waits, by Lynne Plourde. " In this story, Winter is the playful child of Mother Earth and Father Time. The plot is simple: Winter waits for his father to finish work so that they can spend some time together. Winter amuses himself in the meantime by turning the world into a wintry playground. Sample text: "So Winter waits / for an hour or two, / painting the grass / with a frosty hue." amazon review

Lucia and the Light, by Phyliss Root. " Lucia, her mother, and baby brother live in a small isolated cabin in the Far North. As the snows mount and the winds howl around their tiny home, their food supplies dwindle. One morning, the sun does not rise. Darkness envelops Lucia's world and when the cow stops giving milk, the brave child decides to go out into the world and bring the sun home again. She skis and trudges on in spite of adversity and fear and faces the terrible trolls. Of course, Lucia succeeds, returning home to her mother's love and a beautiful light-dappled world. This heartwarming adventure will delight girls and boys with its terrifying trolls and triumphant travails. GrandPré illuminates the tale with soft, fluid multihued paintings that vividly convey both danger and sunlight-filled safety and warmth." Amazon review

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