Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Exploring China Through Picture Books-Part 1

We have been having a wonderful time learning about China through a wide variety of picture books, videos, and the internet.

We have been enjoying these wonderful books:

The Story About Ping

Daisy Comes Home

Granny Han's Breakfast

Little Tiger in the Chinese Night

Grandfather Tang's Story

Round is a Mooncake

Fish in the Air

The Children on China

Ruby's Wish

I began my research into this subject by using the wonderful resources at Homeschool Share.We have learned about tangrams using Grandfather Tang's Story. It is a story about a little girl asking her grandfather to tell her a story. He tells the story using tangrams. We had fun coping these pictures with out own tangrams which we made out of cardstock. I found many sites with free printable tangrams.After enjoying the book we explored our own creations using the tangrams we made.

Keep checking back to see many more of our activities about China.

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