Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Last party of the season....first party of the year...

We celebrated the New Year with a wonderful party today with much of my extended family. Both of my sisters were there and also both of my brothers. My brother Bob was present thanks to the world wide web. Pat set up the laptop with a camera, and thanks to the Skype program, we were connected to Florida for most of the afternoon.

It was great fun to have my brother and his family with us this way.

When the time came to eat, Pat was there with a lot of pizza.

Usually when we are somewhere other than home, I like to utilize the buddy system to help take care of the babies. Today, Amy had charge of Luke,
and Laura had charge of Kimberly.
Fun and games were enjoyed by all.
Last night Amy made this super game, pin the nose on Rudolph. She used Dad's foot and hands as the template.We did forget a blindfold, but Gracie's hat did the job.
Nathan took his best try.Kim and Luke were the closest to Rudolph's nose, which isn't really fair since they weren't wearing the blindfold.
We also took this chance to sing "Happy Birthday" to Uncle Brian and Uncle Steve.
And like every party does, this one had to come to an end.
So as we finish up with parties of the Christmas season, we look forward to more joy and love throughout the New Year.


Aunt Jean said...

Great day and photos. Happy New Year to all.

Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time. Kim

Lisa said...

What fun!Love that you could connect with far away family using the web!