Monday, January 7, 2008

A Good Day to Think of Others

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. The perfect day for some rosary making. We have been making rosaries for the missions for years, and yesterday, Dad got out the "rosary box" and got to work. When we have about 100 rosaries made, we pick somewhere in the world to send them. In the past we have sent some to Tanzania, Kenya, India, Ireland, and Mexico. We find addresses of those in need of rosaries at Our Ladies Rosary Makers. You can also order parts at this site.

Amy hard at work.

While rosaries were being made in the living room, Laura and I finished two more tied baby blankets for our local Catholic Charities. We were told that these blankets, and anything for newborn babies are greatly needed. We are going to make it a family outing when we deliver these to Catholic Charities tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hope you know how many lives will be affected by your time and talents that you give to others. You inspire me! Kim

"My Little Wonders" said...

How special it is that you and your family do these things, I think it is so cool. I may just have to find something we can do to "give", I really like the idea. Way to go family !!! Keep up the great work.