Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daddy's taking us to the zoo today, zoo today, zoo today....

As soon as we walked into the zoo, they announced that the elephant demonstration was about to begin, so to the elephants we went.
Becky, Kimmy and Daddy petting the elephant.
Luke was there too, but you can't see him. I am very disappointed not to have a picture of him touching the elephant because it took all of his bravery to reach up to the fence and put his hand through.

I think this lioness had her eyes on Daddy!

This monkey had a new little baby two days can just see the head of the baby in this very poor photo. (It was dark and behind glass)

Can you believe that this is the first time this little homeschooled girl drank out of a milk carton.

You always have to milk the wooden cow at the zoo.

Luke and the penguins

Luke and Kim

Kimmy was happy to be taller than an Emperor Penguin

Look carefully---I am in this picture!

My little penguin

I can't resist penguin photos.

Another zoo tradition. As you can see, we were lacking many children. They were on a trip with the church.

Kimmy "planking" on a tiger.

A "behind the scenes" look at Kimmy planking.

a spectacled bear showing off

It was a wonderful day...thanks Daddy!!

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