Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Buggy Kind of Day

This morning began as a regular homeschool day, we got busy at the kitchen table, and then someone noticed this fellow on the window. Of course, being the mom that I am, I went out and caught it.
A Fork Tailed Bush Katydid

Putting the books aside, I decided to let the kids make a cricket habitat....we have done this in years past with the older (now grown) kids, but it was a first for the littles.

But, instead of a cricket, the first creature was this Forest Wolf Spider. Mark was able to capture this guy.

We got our cricket habitat ready. An old fish tank with sand in the bottom, some sticks and rocks, and pieces of apple for food. (Crickets also seem to love Cheerios.)

The current count is 12 females and 13 male crickets.

Luke then brought me a grasshopper.

He was very proud.

I love this grasshoppers personality. Luke named him, Super Super Jumper.

Adding more crickets to their new home.

Kimmy with her captures.
Daddy had to work today, so he didn't know it was bug day. But he called and told us that he had caught us a Praying Mantis. (His co-workers were a little surprised to hear that his wife would love a Praying Mantis)

We looked up what to feed our Praying Mantis, and would you believe told us to feed it crickets. This made Gracie cry, but our Mantis is too small for crickets so the kids are finding smaller bugs for it to eat.

Happy bug day, everyone!

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