Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Springtime Garland

The last two garlands I made were crocheted, so I had no help from the kids, but this springtime garland is all paper and all kid!! You can see my February garland here, and the March garland here.

But this garland came out sooooo cute, that even though it was made by the 9 and under crowd, I just love it!!

We used scrapbook cardstock and paper for this craft.

I made a pattern of a bunnies head out of a cereal box and Mark and Grace traced the pattern onto spring colored cardstock and then cut them out. We then cut triangles, about the same size at the bunny, out of patterned scrapbook paper.

Simply glue wiggle eyes onto the bunnies. Then glue a triangle nose onto the bunnies. This job fell to Kim and Luke. Gracie drew on the whiskers and mouths. So simple but so cute.
I then used a needle and cotton yarn to "sew" the triangles and bunnies together.
Hang and enjoy
I saw this idea somewhere out there in the world wide web. I would like to give credit to the original crafter, so if you have seen this please leave a comment so I can give credit where credit is button


:) said...

That is very cute. I may have to copy that.

Sandoval Family said...

wow! that's adorable! I think this will probably be a decoration to beautify our house :) thanks so much for sharing!

Kim said...

What a cute Easter craft! It's great how your kids help with the project.

We've done some parent projects for kids on our Out of Office blog:

Thanks for the idea.

Happy Spring!

- Kim