Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Egg Wreath

This was a quick and easy project with very cute results.

All that was needed was:


pink paint

plastic Easter eggs

a hot glue gun

a lot of glue sticks

The first step is to make a cardboard wreath base. I used various pots and pans to get the size I wanted.

We then painted the base pink.

I used floral wire to made the first "loop" of eggs.

This isn't needed....the hot glue is enough to keep all the eggs in place. Start hot gluing the eggs to the base. Continue adding eggs until you have your desired look.
This wreath can even be used as headwear.
I made a cardboard hanger on the back. Very simple but very practical.
Hang and enjoy.

I put this on the outside of our front door, and since I used cardboard for the base, I bring it in at the chance of rain.
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Mommy of Two said...

Very cute and easy for the little ones to help with!

Angie said...

Great idea for the bazillions of plastic eggs we have floating aound here!! Although, I don't think I have any matching tops and bottoms, HA! TFS

Angie @