Saturday, April 16, 2011

Science Sunday--Learning about seeds

Spring is having a hard time arriving in our neck of the woods, so I thought I would try and speed things up a bit by doing a plant and seeds unit with my kindergarteners.

I used the book Oh Say Can You Seed? as out main guide for this unit. It is the perfect mix of information, using a rhyming text for my 4 and 5 year olds. The first activity we did was to soak bean seeds in water overnight. The next day we examined our seeds. The kids were very excited to be able to find all the parts of the seed...... including the cute little bean embryo.
We then lined a jar with papertowels. Then we gently put several bean seeds between the glass jar and the papertowel.

We were careful to keep the papertowel wet, and then we waited to see what would happen.

While we waited I found this great Garden Preschool Pack at HomeschoolCreations.

Make sure to head over to HomeschoolCreations and check out all free printables available.

We also discovered the hidden "star" in an apple. We also found a lot of seeds!

After 4 days, our bean seeds began to sprout!

At 17 days, we had these marvelous bean plants.

Luke is examining the original seed on his bean plant.

Happy science, everyone!!

Science Sunday

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Phyllis said...

Very nice project!

Candace @NaturallyEducational said...

Ooo...we've been doing this alongside our rain experiments (we're waiting for our beans to sprout). I LOVE the paper towel idea. I wish I had seen that earlier! I just used very narrow vases. But we still have some bean seeds left so I may have to try this, too.

Ticia said...

I really need to download her garden pack, my kids would LOVE it!

And, I love the Dr. Seuss science books.

musicalmary said...

Awesome! Looks like your little ones are learning a lot!

Mom said...

I am a true Dr. Seuss fan! We love gardening (ok, not the weeding part), but most of the other parts. We are having a gardening giveaway for the month of April. Big families are so fun! We have our own built-in classroom.

Lori said...

I love the Dr. Suess book! I hope our library carries it- I'd love to do this with my 7yo just as you presented it. Thanks for sharing.