Friday, February 29, 2008

What I told Mark this afternoon at 2:00. "Hurray up and finish your page of phonics, I have to put Kim down for her nap."

What I found at 2:05!


Erin said...

I have just awarded you an excellence award:)
Details at my blog

Anonymous said...

I guess she knows when she is tired. Kim

Soutenus said...

I LOVE this picture of your little on asleep on the chair.
My son and I scrolled to the bottom of your blog and saw your lovely picture with all the kids. He said, "Wow! How many kids are there?"
Then he counted and said, "Eleven!"
I said, "No, count again. I think there are ten kids."
We both counted again and got different numbers.
Finally we had to point and count. He watched me and said, "Mom you are missing the kid on the chair!"

Either you have 11 kids and you forget to mention one in the name of your blog OR you are, indeed, very young looking!