Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Road Trip

Today, Becky, Pat and I took a three and a half hour road trip to visit Paul Smith's College in the high peaks of the Adirondack mountains. This is Becky's first choice in a college specializing in the culinery arts.

This photo is taken from the college student center. It shows the ice covered Lower Saint Regis lake in the foreground and Saint Regis Mountain in the background.

This college is also the state's enviromental conservation/forestry college, so it offers a lot of enviromentally friendly, fun outdoorsy activities to enjoy in your spare time. (We will all love visiting.)

On the drive home we saw about ten white-tail deer in a group along the side of the road. We stopped, and they posed for me so I could get these pictures, another bonus attraction in the mountains.


Anonymous said...

sounds like Becky has picked a lovely campus. I'm glad the scenery was so beautiful. Kim

heavenly bliss said...

Wow you should take this picture of the mountain and lake in all four seasons. I'm so excited for you Becky. We wish you the best.