Sunday, January 6, 2019

The House is Full== and so is my Heart

It's time for Carson, Sophia, Alexis and Matt to face the music.... Or Mother Nature....
Here is Carson saying goodbye to Hawaii. 
Carson was born in Georgia in 100 degree weather..and has since lived in Hawaii..He has always been warm and has always preferred to wear as few clothes as possible. 
But not anymore... the little family is heading home to New York. 
The high temperature this Friday here is 14 degrees...
poor kids.
 It's a long flight from Hawaii to New York. 
Carson loves the hat that Laura made for Sophia... he has a hat also, but he liked this one better. 
An angel sent down from Heaven.
They showed up wearing flip flops and shorts. it was 28 degrees at this point.
This beautiful, beautiful tiny baby Sophia.
This is the message the NICU sent home with Matt and Alexis.
Cousins in the same brand carseat.... guess who is ready for a bigger seat.  
Jason Loves uncle Matt
Carson arrived sound asleep and he enjoyed snuggling under the blanket that Kimberly made for him.
Carson's first snow.... he said it was "too cold".... of course he's not quite dressed for the northern winter.
Grandma and Grandpa kept up the Christmas tree waiting for this little man...
A Hess Truck!!!!!
Kimberly,  Jay and Jay's favorite new cooking utensil.
Christmas toys are the best
Grandpa and Sophia
It's hard to visualize how tiny Sophia is... 
So here it is.. from the top of her head to her belly button in the size of the remote control 
This little angel is a real miracle.

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