Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mr. Gallon Man---Equivalent Liquid Measurements

 We have reached a point in our Saxon 3 Math where we needed to find equivalent measurements of liquids.  I had seen this fun visual somewhere out there on the world wide web so today we recreated it to remind us of these measurements. 
Mr. Gallon Man
 4 quarts equals one gallon
 2 pints equals one quart....and 8 pints equals one gallon
Finally, 2 cups equals one pint....or 16 cups equals one gallon.  
We have now hung Mr. Gallon Man on the learning wall to remind us of equivalent liquid measurements.  

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Tristan said...

I have seen this online before and not made one yet. I think I'll turn some of the middle kids loose on it this week! Thank you for the inspiration.