Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mysterious Rising Water Experiment

 Another great experiment from Steve Spangler: The Rising Water Secret.
The kit contains everything needed for this experiment...but we have done it in the past using things from around the house.
 You just need things around the house:
1 cup water
food coloring
pie tin
glass jar--or beaker
Here Luke is coloring the water to make the experiment a little more colorful.
 Pour 1 cup of water into a pie tin.
 Put a candle in the middle of the pie plate in the water.
 Light the candle.
 Place the beaker (or small necked jar) over the candle.
 The candle heats the air in the beaker.
When the candle goes out, the air begins to cool, causing a difference in the air pressure, forcing air out of the jar and causing a vacuum making the water fill the jar.
Science is cool!!

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