Saturday, September 27, 2014

Excavation Saturday

We received  these two excavating kits in the mail this past week, and Kim and Luke have been very eager to start working on them.  In fact, I told them they could open them on Saturday...well, I was awakened at 8 am with news that the kitchen table was all ready to start their projects.
Mark and Grace did kits like this years ago and loved them, so I knew they would be a hit with Kim and Luke. 
This was fun because after you excavate the dinosaur bones you get to put together a t-rex model.
 Kimberly wasn't left out, she received the Crystal Mining Kit.
This kit contained 9 hidded crystals to discover and a little pouch to keep them in.  There is also a guide to included so you can find out what kind of gems you have found.
These aren't tidy activity fact, I found this next to Kimberly on the bench.
It was a gorgeous day outside and smart daughter Becky wondered why I didn't have the kids do this on the picnic table...Duh!!!  That would have been too easy. 
It took several hours for both kids to uncover  all the secrets.   
A little bit of a t-rex ribcage. 
A great book to add to this activity is a Let's Read and Find Out Science...Archaeologists Dig For Clues.

Messy, messy!
Putting together his t-rex model.
Kim and Luke both loved these kits.  Kim wants a dinosaur kit for Christmas and Luke wants a pterodactyl.

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