Saturday, August 10, 2013

Science on a quiet Saturday afternoon

 Saturday didn't start as a quiet, relaxing day, on the contrary, the kids were in rare form causing the mother to announce, "take some containers and see what you can catch in the creek"  It has been peacefull for the past 3 hours.
 One of the "big" catches was this crayfish...Mark caught this one.  He informed me there were "millions" of little crayfish, but they were too fast to catch.
 Gracie and Kimberly found this cute salamander under a log...great job, girls.
 If you can see them, there are very tiny salamanders...I guess there were millions of these in the creek.
The crayfish, now named Jericho, is holding a stick...He is joining our family zoo which consists of one dog, 2 birds, one beta fish and one frog. In the past we were able to keep a wild caught crayfish alive for several years.  (The fragile salamander was returned to the wild)
 I wonder what Kimberly is thinking about as she ponders Jericho the crayfish.
 All in all it was a very successful science Saturday
and the peace and quiet was heavenly!

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