Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pixley Falls State Park

 We finally had Daddy all to ourselves today, so we headed out on a picnic.
We tried a new spot:  Pixley Falls State Park
 After having a flat tire after church, we were very happy to reach our destination.
 Because of the flat tire it was well past lunch time.
 Everyone was hungry and happy to eat before heading out on a hike.
 Amy, sending Kimberly into the berry bushes to pick her some wild raspberries.
 Since it was a pretty steep hike everyone had a partner.
Amy and Kimberly
 Laura and Luke
 Mark and Grace
 and Mom and Dad.

Way up a little waterfall 

 We did discover a new flower to us: agrimony
 Our first peak at the 50 foot Pixley Falls.
 White Admiral butterly
 We made it!!  For full disclosure...the walk to the bottom of the falls is very short.
 The best smile I can expect from this 8 year old.
 Pictures don't do it justice....there is A LOT of water going over this falls.
 All can all take off your shoes.
 Daddy showing the perfect way to skip a stone.
 12 feet
 Climbing the falls
 Kimberly with her "king of the rock" face

 Two crazy men that went behind the waterfall
 Look mom!! I made it to the top of the big rock!
Lake Delta dam....If you zoom in, you can see the two teeny tiny people fishing in the bottom right corner of this picture.

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Juliana E. said...

Looks like a beautiful picnic spot! Great pictures of everyone having fun!