Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Salt and Chalk Art---also called--A Very Big Mess with great results

 I have seen this around the internet and was finally ready to face the mess and let the kids have fun.
Items needed:
glass jar with lid
 Dump about a 1/2 cup of salt onto a piece of paper.
At this point the kids liked writing things and making designs in the salt.  At this point the salt also began falling onto the bench and the floor.
Take your choice of colored chalk, and rub it onto the salt.
 This seemed to work the best by laying the chalk sideways and using a lot of pressure onto the salt. 
 Keep rubbing until you have the desired intensity of colors.
 Bend the paper and pour the salt into the jar....this is the first layer....this is also the point you realize you shouldn't go barefoot during a salt craft.
I believe we will be walking in salt for a long, long time.

 Continue adding colored salt until you reach the tippy top of the jar.
Cover the jar tightly and do not shake.
Luke's masterpiece.
Kimmy is proud of her accomplishment!
 Gracie worked the longest and hardest on her creation.
 It turned out lovely.
These jars now adorn my window sill above my sink....the perfect place for a splash of color!
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auntie said...

I like those!!! You have some very creative kids.