Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Day, Another Party!

 Today we celebrated Amy!!
We take her to college on Friday and wanted to have a cookout before she left.
As it turned out, all ten kids and assorted boyfriends and girlfriends were able to be with us--including Grandma and Grandpa that made 17 all together.
Laura was happy to make a very festive chocolate cake with M&M decorations. 
Matt-Mark-and Dad
 Last week, at Grandpa's party I took only photos of small children, today I was determined to get a few grown ups in the pictures.
 4 of my beautiful daughters.
Amy-Becky-Laura and Grace
 Dan-Luke and Steve
 Kimberly and Alexis
 Matt and Luke playing washer toss.
 Pat Jr.was the chief cook---everything was delicious!
 Amy and Steve
 Alexis and Kimmy

 Alexis and Matt
 Wes and Becky
 Becky and Luke
Good Luck, Amy!!!
You are sure to go far!!

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Juliana E. said...

So exciting for Amy! I'm sure she'll be very successful! Great party pictures!