Wednesday, June 13, 2012

needle and thREAD

needle and thREAD
Elizabeth started needle and thREAD a few months ago, and I have to say, I am very thankful!

On the first week of this linky party, Elizabeth wrote:
"I welcome you to needle and thREAD. What have you been sewing lately? Or are you embroidering? Pulling a needle with thread through lovely fabric to make life more beautiful somehow? Would you share with us just a single photo (or more) and a description of what you're up to? Would you talk sewing and books with us? I'd love that so much."
This week I enjoyed a little sewing....I have been slacking lately and it felt good to jump back on the bandwagon.  As it happened, both articles I sewed were for Kimberly, which caused quite a bit a whining from the other kids.
Hopefully, before next week, I will have something sewn for someone other than Kim. 
This week, I sewed Kim a pair of summer pajamas using a pattern that,  is so old and well used that it is taped together.  It is Simplicity pattern # 9942.  I believe I have used this pattern at least 20 times over the past 22 years...the copywrite on the pattern says 1990. 
This is an easy pattern and quick to sew up.

A few weeks ago hubby and I stopped by Joann's Fabrics after a wedding.  (If we are in the city, I HAVE to go to the fabric store and wonderful hubby always obliges.:-)  I didn't have any coupons with me, but found this great soft denim with embroidered cherries on it.  It was 50% off--that makes it my kind of fabric.  I knew it was destined for capris for Kimmy.  For these I used McCall's pattern # 4006.  They are a perfect size--the size 6 patten perfectly fit my size 6 child.
I have been on a reading blitz lately....quick easy reads are just the right ticket during these recent crazy days.  This series of books, Annie's Attic Mysteries are a perfect fit for what I am lookink for these days.
These are nice "cozy reads" set in a small main town.  Annie grandmother has died and left Annie her home.
The attic is full of treasures...and mysteries.  What also makes these fun reads is the fact that the main characters are members of the Hook and Needle club,  A group that meets weekly and shares crafting and mysteries.
Head on over the Elizabeth's blog and check out the rest of this week's needle and thREAD posts.


Lori said...

Very cute! This book looks interesting too! Blessings, Lori

Meadow said...

Ohh Denium you are very brave!I haven't dared to try sewing with denium yet. The cherries are cute.