Thursday, June 14, 2012

The 2012 great Goldfinch rescue

 This poor goldfinch had the unfortunate luck of running into our back door this afternoon.  He was stunned and appeared "stuck" in the dog fence.
But Mark came to the rescue and got him off the fence and then we had the opportunity to spend a little close-up quality time with one of God's beautiful creatures.
 We thought that maybe he broke a wing, but during Mark's inspection, he thought that probably the goldfinch was just stunned.
 Here, you can see that he is finally standing up.

And here he is, Goldie the Goldfinch, just moments before flying to the top of a maple tree.
It is so wonderful to get to experience God's beauty up close and with the kids, thanks to having them home with me everyday....check "science" off today's schoolwork list.


Laurie said...

Those are life's special moments!!

noreen said...

Hi Joanne, what a special treat for your son to be able to hold a wild bird. It obviously didn't panic so your son must have a gentle touch!