Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heart Art

I found this fun and easy idea over at playdrmom.

I was looking for something a little different than our usual Valentine's Day heart actitivies and this were a perfect choice.

All you need are:

heart stickers

red, pink and pinker acrylic paint

foam paintbrush

8x10 canvas (I found canvas boards at Walmart...these worked perfectly)

Luke was the most eager to get started on this art project.

First he arranged the stickers onto the canvas, making sure they are pressed on really well.
I wanted him to dab the paint onto the canvas so he wouldn't "move" the stickers. But he preferred using a regular brush stroke. The stickers remained firmly in place.
He changed colors, mixed colors and painted over colors. If fact, he wanted to keep painting, but the paint was getting so thick, I was afraid it would never dry, so I had to call it done.
We then had to be patient and wait for the paint to completely dry.
Once Luke finished, the girls were ready to get started.
Grace was very careful, placing her stickers just so.

I love Gracie's concentration!

Kimmy was mostly pink, of course.

It was quite easy to remove the stickers.

I just love the final results!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

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Sherri said...

That's a great art project!

See Jamie blog said...

This looks like a fun little art project, something we may have to try in the next week or so. Could do it with any sort of stickers, I suppose. Thanks for the idea!