Friday, February 17, 2012

The Courage of Sarah Noble Lapbook

It's been a while since I made a lapbook with any of the I headed over to Homeschool Share and browsed for hours (because there is so much to see on the site..and all for free).

I chose to have Grace make a The Courage of Sarah Noble lapbook. I knew this book would be easy for her to read. She reads on a fourth grade level, but I wanted her to be able to read the book on her own and also be able to complete the lapbook with little help from me.

All the needed printables are free over at Homeschool Share.

We learned about Newberry Honor books, the original 13 colonies, colonial cooking, new vocabulary words, Native Americans and much more.
It is a very complete unit study neatly rolled up into a lapbook.
And best of all, Grace has declared The Courage of Sarah Noble her favorite book of all time.
She also told me that she looked forward to growing up and making this lapbook with her own daughter.

To finish our unit, Grace made us all johnny cake for lunch...the same meal Sarah made for her father.

They came out wonderfully yummy, made entirely by Grace.

Kimmy gives them the thumbs up!!


Elizabeth said...

Ok - now I'm inspired to do lapbooks with the kids!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Beautiful! (the lapbook, yes, but especially that darling girl)

Lisa Taylor said...

I've just begun making lapbooks again with my 8 yob. It's been a while since his older siblings did one - so it's like beginning all over. Fun stuff.