Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Visit with Santa Claus

Today was Daddy's annual family Christmas party.

The kids look forward to the wagon ride and of course, enjoying their yearly visit with Santa.
Luke with
glittery face paint.Gracie with Rudolph



After some crafts, music and food, it was time to visit with Santa.


For a short time, thanks to Daddy, Luke was placed on the naughty list....which just about gave Luke a nervous breakdown...but it was all resolved in the end, with Luke back on the good list.



It took a lot of encouragement to get Mark to visit with Santa. I'm afraid this is the last year Mark will get anywhere near the big guy.

Santa gave everyone a wonderful early Christmas gift.

Before we headed home we went outside to wait for a wagon ride.

Last year we had about a foot of snow on the ground. This year these is no snow, but the wind chill was about 20 degrees. (I am still thawing out!)

Right before this photo, Luke broke Rudolph's antler off.....but luckily, Daddy was able to fix it.

The sleigh bells were ringing as we took our very cold ride.

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