Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve-2011

We are awaiting the birth of Jesus!!

Our manger is empty, but tomorrow morning baby Jesus will be here!!

Amy made these beautiful paper ornaments.

I think next year we will decorate the whole tree with gorgeous homemade decorations.
Pat and Grace
On Thanksgiving Day, it is our tradition to have the 10 kids exchange names for our annual Christmas Eve secret Santa gift exchange.
It is a wonderful time to be together as a family, especially now since everyone isn't living at home.
Laura and Dan
It is fun to see what the kids get each other.

Becky and Amy
I was still baking for tomorrow, but I would like in years to come, to have nice treats that we can all enjoy. It is tough, though, to get everyones work schedules lined up to allow for several hours of fun. For instance, today, Matt and Pat had to run off to work after only being with us about an hour.

Grace, Luke, Becky and Amy

Grace, Daddy, Matt and Luke



The little kids were so excited....they had been staring at the gifts for hours.

Luke and Dan

Big boys know how to make little boys very happy.

(We ended up with an abundance of weapons)





Laura---(a perfect winter hat from Becky)


Grace-10 and Kimmy-5

Dan with a giant whoopie cushion (perfect, Becky!)

Although Daddy didn't get a Nerf gun...he enjoyed the battle!

Pat---Looks good!

Matt---another Neft warrior



Becky and her secret Santa Mark

Becky and Grace


Merry Christmas, from Ten Kids and a Dog!!


Juliana E. said...

Merry Christmas! I hope your day was filled with joy!

Bridget said...

Christmas gifts wouldn't be complete at our house either without books,dolls and weapons! LOL

Wonderful pictures, Merry Christmas everyone!!