Thursday, November 3, 2011

We have been bitten by the coupon bug

Year ago, when I only had 4 of 5 kids, I shopped all the area sales and used coupons every once in a while. But as the family grew and we got busier and busier, it became easier to make one big trip to the big "box" store right down the street. (and spended tons of money to feed our large family)

Well, times have changed and I find myself counting every penny to make ends meet (which they don't usually do), so I thought I would give this coupon thing a chance.

I read the blogs and found the websites and then sat down and started making my "binder." (an organized filing system for the many coupons I came across)

Amy made a cute cover for the binder and I started out on the mission of filling it up.

Of course, there are the usual Sunday morning paper coupons, but I was amazed at the amount of coupons that you can find to print out right at home.

My favorite resource for finding internet coupons is The Krazy Coupon Lady website.
There are also coupon forums, coupon blogs, facebook coupons and many other "surprise" coupon finds. In fact, my hubby and grown children have joined the bandwagon and are bringing me home coupons from newspapers at work.

In fact, I have found so many coupons, (for things we use everyday) my original 1 inch binder has been replaced with a 2 inch binder in only 3 weeks of couponing.

I have consistantly been saving between 40 and 60 percent on every grocery and drugstore trip I have made in the last three weeks.

This is a tremendous savings for our family, but it does take some work.

The most important point I have to make is to make sure to match up the store sales with the coupons you have on hand. I am also getting a good idea of where the best prices are for the things we use everyday which rarely go on sale, because,



Happy Kid City said...

You're right, every penny does count and couponing is a great way to save.

Juliana E. said...

I need to start doing the coupon thing. My father would always say, "watch your cents and your dollars will take care of themselves". He also used to say, " I wish I has been born rich instead of being so damned good looking" every morning before he left for work . :)