Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Letter to My Mother

Dear Mom,

Unearthly trembles fill the even sky,
And crashing thunders fill my heart with dread.
The flash of lightning tears my soul apart,
So in my fear I scamper to you bed.
Your gentle kiss relieves my doubtful heart,
And by your warmth my demons turn to fly.

A child, six or seven, closed the door,
But now, though grown, I come to you again.
The storm of yesterday has never gone,
It rages now in bitter, driving pain.
Your gentle words will hail the coming dawn,
A man of age- your child all the more.

Attack the grey until the day is done
And vanquish monsters hiding in the night.
You never stand alone upon the earth,
You have a Lion by your side to fight-
A beast of fearsome loyalty from birth.

Adieu for now, but know my love.
Your Son.

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