Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We had more fun at the library

tonight.....watching the great magical performance of Leon Etienne of CNY Magic Shows.
He was wonderfully entertaining to both the kids and the adults.

He had a lot of big and little helpers throughout his show.

Luke was very excited to get chosen to help with a trick.

I still don't know how he did his amazing magic tricks.

Kimberly is getting ready to learn how to perform one of the tricks.

After discovering how the trick was performed, we all had to take a pledge not to share the "secret" with anyone.

As his grand finale, Leon Entienne escaped from a straight jacket.

It was a great show...I recommend Leon to anyone for a show or birthday party. Both adults and kids have a great time and you come away happily from an evening of fun, amazement and laughter!!

Of course, we wouldn't have seen this great show if it wasn't for our little Canastota Public Library, which brings all these wonderful events to our children for free!

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Beth said...

Thanks Joann! We love to have those programs and Leon was wonderful, wasn't he?