Thursday, July 7, 2011

Small town libraries are the BEST!!!

Yesterday, our little library had the pet lady visit. Last week it was a puppet show, next week a magician. Every week offers storytime and an afternoon of, of course, we couldn't homeschool if it wasn't for the books our interloan library system offers.
On this afternoon, we got to pet many pets from all over the world.
Here is Kimmy checking out the tortoise.

A very cute marsupial.

You don't get to pet a soft chinchilla.

There is nothing as cute as a little hedgehog.

Then came out the boa constrictor.

I couldn't believe these kids were so brave...and then they were tricky and lined back up and held the snake AGAIN!!

Big kids and little....we all love the library!!

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Kris said...

Our library does this too and we LOVE it...libraries are so useful to home schoolers, ours even offers things for only home schoolers some days of the week...its so neat...looks like yall had a blast today(: