Sunday, May 1, 2011

The first trip up Mt. Hope this spring

Today we made our first trek up Mount. Hope. The water was running high and fast out of the resevoir. We had record rain in April and we could tell this afternoon.
The maple leaves are just beginning to show themselves. I am always amazed at the autumnal colors they have as they emerge.

We found a few "fiddleheads". I am sure many more will appear in the next week or two.

Wake-robin (or purple trillium), but I prefer "wake-robin" because the name is so fitting at this time of year.

white trillium

The kids wanted to pick a bouquet to bring home, but I informed them not to pick trillium. They droop and die within minutes of picking them. We saw many that had been thrown along the trail that had been picked. It made us a little sad to see them tossed away.

I don't know what tree these blossoms are from. They were in very large trees. If you can help us out with identification, please leave a comment.

"Whose that trip trapping over my bridge!!??"

We always image a grumpy troll living under the wooden bridge.

It's still VERY cold water

No trolls under the bridge, only a bunch of my kids.

I'm not sure that vine will hold you, Amy.

Kimmy really wanted to bring home this "walking stick".

Luckily, we managed to talk her into leaving it behind.


Andrea said...

Stopping by from the link up! These pictures are beautiful! Sounds like a fun time! Happy spring time. :-)

Thanks for getting that Dora song stuck in my head! ;-)

Have a great week and Happy Monday!

debi9kids said...

What a beautiful walk you took! So many gorgeous flowers.
Just lovely.

PS Stopping by from Cheryl.

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

Looking at that path makes me want to get outside --- here in KY it's dreary and rainy!

Cheryl Lage said...

Makes me want to take a nature walk! (and with no I dislike exercise, that's no small feat!)

I particularly like Kimmy's DRAGGING stick! ;)

Thank you so much for playing along with Makes My Monday...enjoy the rest of your week!