Friday, October 1, 2010

It's October!!

So now our calendar time board has been changed a little bit.
I have added the poem "Five Little Pumpkins" to our board. I have magnets on the back of the pieces so that they can "act"out the poem.
Both kids really enjoy this.
I made printables of the 4 seasons so we can review these daily.
Pumpkins will fill in the dates of October.
We have some special birthdays in October...I have birthday cakes ready for these days.
I am very, very pleased at how well calendar time is working in out homeshool.
The kids both look forward to it everyday.


Deborah said...

Five Little Pumpkins is one of my absolute favorites!!

Rhonda said...

What a cute fall board! I love it!

Jessie Mae said...

Your calendar time board looks great, and I'll bet the kids have lots of fun with it! Do you remember where you found the four season's printables?

Jessie Mae said...

Nevermind, we found them!

Aimee said...

Love your calendar wall...that reminds me though-I need to change mine to October!