Friday, October 8, 2010

It's fire prevention month

We had a great field trip to the Rome fire department this morning.
The firemen did a great job educating both the kids and the parents in fire safety and prevention.
The fully suited up fireman. The kids were taught to come to the fireman if they are in danger, even though he looks quite scary.
Everyone did a good job with this, execpt Kimmy, who remained in a hiding spot under my legs.
We need to work on the fear with her.
Luke getting suited up.
There is nothing cuter that a little guy in a big fireman coat.
Then it was time for a puppet show.
The puppet show special guests were.......
Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street.
Everyone loved this part of the day!!

After the fire station, Grandma H. treated us to a fun lunch at McDonalds.....the McDonalds WITH a playland.
We were the only ones in the playland area for quite a while which was great.....there was a lot of loud energy use taking place.
(I need this playland at my a soundproof room of course.)
Thanks everyone for a great day!!

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