Thursday, January 7, 2016

Borax Snowflakes

 We've started a unit about winter and snow...and hoping for some significant snow ourselves.  
I decided to help the kids make borax snowflakes.  
First you need to cut a pipe cleaner into three equal parts.  Bend into a 6 sided "snowflake".  Tie a string to the pipecleaners and the other side of the string to a pencil. 
 Make sure the edges of the pipecleaners don't touch the bottom or sides of the jar.
 You now need Borax and boiling water. 
 Add 2 cups of boiling water to the jar...stir in 6 tbls of borax.
 Stir....not all the borax will dissolve--it is a super saturated solution.
 Put your "snowflakes" into the jars...wait 24 hours.
 The next day we had crystals everywhere.
We were careful not to shake the jar as we carried them to the table. 
The big reveal!
 Amazing crystal snowflakes.
 Ta Da!!!!
These are very, very hard...and last a long time!

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