Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Breakfast Science....Iron in our Cereal

 Today was learned all about the vitamins and minerals in our food.  Especially the iron in our breakfast cereal.   
 We used Total cereal, which has 80% of the daily allowance of iron per serving..which is one cup. 
We put one cup of cereal in a good ziploc bag and add a cup or two of water.  Squish and mush and and turn the cereal to a soup. 
 When the cereal is dissolved run a strong magnet along the cereal...slowly, back and forth.  
Ta Da!!!  Real iron...right there in our cereal.  We next tried Chex cereal which has 40% of the daily allowance of iron...we only found a teeny tiny bit of iron in the cereal soup. 
Science rules!!

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