Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween---2015--A Party with Becky and Matt

Becky and Matt treated the kids and Pat and I to a wonderful Halloween party and trick or treat evening....I love her "deer" look!!!
I whole table of creepy food...
Jello worms..these are the coolest thing I have ever seen...they look sooooo real!!!  But they did taste very yummy.  I am definitely going to try this with the kids.  
Mouths....apples, peanut butter and marshmallows.
Cookies with assorted physical damage.
Hard boiled egg brains...very tasty. 
Laura worked some great make-up magic on Gracie.
The finished product
The ninga warrior...(he wasn't allowed to use his sword in Matt and Becky's well decorated house.
Kimmy looked like the rock-n-roll witch.
Mark's tradition look....he was there to hand out candy and scare the treak-or-treaters.
Almost ready to hit the road.
The porch picture
Grace, Luke and Kimberly made a good haul...and then immediately divided, traded, and gave away candy...
Thanks Becky and Matt for the great evening!

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