Friday, September 13, 2013

Sister Anne's Hands and Cubism art

 We enjoyed and reading discussing together Sister Anne's Hands today.
From Amazon:"It's the early 1960s, and Anna has never seen a person with dark skin-until she meets Sister Anne. At first she is afraid of her new teacher, but she quickly discovers how wonderful Sister Anne is. Then one of Anna's classmates directs a racist remark toward Sister Anne. The teacher's wise way of turning the incident into a powerful learning experience has a profound impact on Anna. This moving, timeless tale is perfectly illustrated with luminous, glowing paintings."
 This book was brought to my attention years ago by the wonderful Catholic Mosaic: Living the Liturgical Year with Literature, written by Cay Gibson.    My copy of the this book is so worn out...I have used it for years and it is starting to lose pages through frequent use.  I am enjoying rediscovering the books and projects with my youngest learners this year. 
 For our project we made colorful hands as seen at the end of the book.
First we traced our hands on watercolor paper in black Sharpie.
 We then started coloring in our hands...carefully keeping each open area the same color.
 Mom's work in progress.

 Hard at work.
 Success for Kim and Luke.
 I love Gracie's final project.
 Our "art wall"
After we cleared away from the table...some of the grown children tried their "hand" at this artwork...and Laura even wanted her picture taken!

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