Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heading to the berry fields

 This morning we headed blueberry picking.  We headed out in absolutely perfect weather.
Notice the long pants and sweatshirts (and the photo bombers in the background) was chilly this morning.  In fact, Mark is camping with Aunt Sue and Uncle Rick and they had temperatures in the 30's last night in the Adirondacks. (I don't believe he brought enough warm clothes with him)
 Here we go, all ready to get picking.

 I do believe that Kimberly kept with tradition and ate more berries than she picked.

 Morning dew....we were in the fields by about 8:30 am.
 Lack of sleep couldn't keep Dan from the family fun.
 I believe this was the first year that Gracie picked berries like a pro...she filled her pail as fast as I filled mine....she sure is growing up.
 Gorgeous Laura
 The berries are big and juicy and delicious this year.
 Gotcha, Dan!
 Way to go!
It's blueberry muffins tomorrow for breakfast.

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Sue a Skirted Lady said...

So glad you got to go berry picking!