Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Field Trip

 Dad is on vacation this week, and the poor guy has been working at his second job almost non-stop, so I decided to plan a little family fun for today.
We headed with the homeschooled kids to the Syracuse Museum of Science and Technology.
 It was great to get out of the house..we are soooo tired of winter---although technically I believe we have moved into mud season with occasional snow.
 We basically had the place to of the perks of homeschooling!

 Playing basketball on the "green screen"
 Gracie did a little cave exploring.
 She also rode a bike with a skeleton.
 Excavating dinosaur bones

 Rock wall climbing
We had a wonderful day together.
The only down side was watching the IMAX movie...We all got seasick.  I had no warning about how with theater experience would effect us.  Daddy, Kimberly and I all felt sick by the end of the 40 minute show.  Luke and Grace seemed to do ok with it.  I don't believe I will be going to another movie like this any time soon.

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auntie said...

So glad that you all could go out together and have some fun. Isn't it a blessing to have a husband who is so devoted and hard working? God bless Pat!
Keep blogging Joann, you don't know how many people you touch when you share your family life.