Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Australian Lapbook

 We have had a very enjoyable time creating a lapbook, filled with all the facts we have learned about Australia.
 Many of the components of our lapbook came from Homeschool very favorite resource for FREE lapbooks and activities.
 We tried our hand at Aboriginal dot painting.
 The artwork turned out lovely.
 We enjoyed many great books...the "meat" of our study.
 We learned all about marsupials, and found another free lapbook at Homeschool Share.
 Our favorite book from the above photo was Wombat Stew.  Many activities for this book can be found here.
 Some fun fiction Australian books are shown above.
 Our "meaty" Australian book was Australia by Ann Heinrichs.
 We spent a whole week learning about the Great Barrier Reef.
 Another resource (which is not free) is from Hands of a Child.
This lapbook is very indepth.  I just picked out what we were interested in.
 I did have to add another file folder to our lapbook because we keep running out of room.

 The Australian animal wheel came from Enchanted Learning.
You have to be a member, but I find that Enchanted Learning is a great addition to all our schoolwork.
We have all learned alot and enjoyed putting together this lapbook.
We are now looking forward to our next study.

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Sue said...

Wow it all looks great! I live in Australia and am so happy that you guys found my home interesting!