Sunday, December 16, 2012

Trimming the Tree--2012

 It's time to trim the tree!!
 I am always surprised by the number of ornaments we have...I had to say "enough" when every branch was filled to capacity.

 My little princess
 Luke called this area his "personal decorating space"
 We drew names out of hat and Becky had the honor of putting the star on top of the tree.
 "Laura, this is family time!"
 The 2012 tree trimming crew

 My six girls
Three boys---it's pretty good to get 8 of 10 of the kids together at one time---too bad, some folks have to work.

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Juliana E. said...

I look forward to you "Trimming the Tree" every year! I love seeing others decorations during the Christmas Season. You are very blessed to have so many wonderful "elves" to help with your tree!