Friday, June 3, 2011

Trying not to blow away at the lake

We spent the beginning of this week completing our year end testing. The kids did an excellent job on thier tests, so we took it easy with schoolwork for the rest of the week. Today was a gorgeous day so we headed to Oneida Lake and Verona Beach state park.

It was soooo windy, I thought we may blow away, but we managed to enjoy ourselves.

Verona Beach is about 5 minutes from our driveway, so I plan to spend many summer afternoons enjoying the water.
Today the temperatures were hanging out in the low 60's, so we definetely needed our sweatshirts.

The kids love the playground.

I purchased our yearly State Park Pass.

and plan on using it to access all the wonderful state parks in our neck of the woods.

Of course, our schoolwork continues throughout the summer months, but I try to leave our afternoons free for basking in the sun.

Go Mark, give Kimmy a ride!

Happy summer, everyone!!

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