Saturday, July 14, 2012

Giant Miraculous Medal Craft

 Catholic Icing provided this great craft--perfect for my 10 year old Gracie.
We love our Blessed Mother, and what a perfect way to tell her so by making this giant Miraculous Medal.
 Catholic Icing provides complete directions and a pdf printable needed for this project.
It is also simple.  All you need is a dull pencil and the ability to trace.

 The Miraculous Medal as it looked after being traced onto heavy duty aluminum foil.
 Grace then colored Our Blessed Mother with sharpie markers.

 The front
The is now hanging in the living room...and Grace is very proud of her hard work--and so am I.


Anonymous said...

Another wonderful idea from your blog! I've followed your blog for roughly two years now, and love the creativity and simple projects you do with your kids. Thanks for the inspiration and I'll continue to check back for ideas as I begin homeschooling two of my four children this fall!

Blessings to you and your lovely family!

Anonymous said...

.thanks for sharing